Ceflu-Céu de Amsterdam (Céu da Arte)* was founded in 2006 and until 2009 we worked in the line of the CEFLUSME Santo Daime church in Brazil.


Since 2009 we started working in the explorational line of Baixinha from Flor da Montanha, Brazil. From that time we have worked in several European countries (e.g. Ireland, Germany and Spain) and Brazil.


Our main-facilitator and director is Norberto Jurasek, who has worked for many years with Baixinha and has 30+ years of experience with the tea. Norberto is leading the spiritual events and ceremonies. His co-facilitator and representative is Rini Hartman, with more than 20 years experience working with the tea.


And since 2016 we invited more elements from the line of UmbanDaime in our church with the presence of Tânia & Carol from São Paulo. These two ladies are guiding and representing this beautiful line of spiritual work and teachings.


If you feel attracted to these kinds of works or ceremonies, please check our agenda and be sure you are fully aware about our safety guidelines. 






For practical questions, Mr. Daniel Oliveira: d.oliveira@ayahuasca.nl


To contact Mr. Norberto Jurasek: n.jurasek@ayahuasca.nl


To contact Mr. Rini Hartman: r.hartman@ayahuasca.nl



*At the moment we are in the process of re-naming our church. We hope to finish this in 2019 and then we continue with Céu da Arte (Heaven of Art)


About Céu da Arte*

June 2019 spiritual retreat in Brazil.

See Agenda for the dates.

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