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There are only two things that you can predict about an ayahuasca session. One is that every person gets a unique experience and two, this experience will never be the same again.

Here are some thoughts and experiences of people who have participated since 2009 in one of our spiritual ceremonies:

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“Your workshops are profoundly transformative and healing, in a life-changing kind of way. The experience itself is not always easy; you could compare drinking the tea with taking the 'red pill' in the movie The Matrix. You get to see and experience and revisit all that is there in you--repressed wounds, old trauma, hidden fears, an honest perspective on one's life, one's relationships, one's priorities, but also the love at the core of all beings. These can all come to the surface and be released, set free. This is precisely why it is so profoundly healing and transformative; you get an opportunity to work through material that tends to be hidden for one's normal consciousness.

The environment in the workshops is very very powerful and supportive: the love, the music, the beauty, the care, the exercises, the wise words and loving presence of Norberto, the assistants who are always there for you, the singing together--these make that these workshops, however much I sometimes struggle and suffer, are also unforgettable to me. They belong to the most beautiful and precious experiences of my life. Although the experience itself does not stay, I have noticed that the workshops do transform me in a sustainable way: I come out as a different person, and the changes get solidly integrated into my life.

I feel that through your workshops I have found so much healing, growth, and wisdom, as well as a truly amazing and beautiful community of friends and fellow-travelers on the path. I am deeply grateful for the work that you are doing with these workshops, and can recommend everybody who is sincerely interested in personal growth and transformation to come and take part. It will enrich you forever.

Annick, The Netherlands

“For many years I suffered from problems caused by irresponsible use of psychoactive substances. This led me to a strong dependence and dramatically worsened the quality of my life.

The intention of my first encounter with Ayahuasca was to overcome this condition, and mental and spiritual cleansing, in order to be able to live happily and without addictions. Now I may say that my objective has been attained.

The second day of the workshop was a breakthrough for me. I'll never forget sitting there with a smile spread from one ear to another, thanking the plant for everything that was done for me, and it was a lot! For the first time in my life I felt truly loved and happy. I realized how strong medicine She is, not only for the spirit, but also for the body...

The atmosphere of the place had great importance. I felt totally safe under the care of Rini and Norberto, and that is so important to take such a strong medicine between experienced and warm people.

I am very grateful and I look forward to meeting Mama Ayahuasca again. The journey has just begun and that is the best :)”

Bartosz, Poland

”Your workshops and healing ceremonies have totally changed me, and still does, and make me a better and more wholesome person. These days I am so happy I did not think it was possible. Your workshops have awakened me to the power of love and empathy. The love and healing I've received in your workshops I take with me, and try my best to make the world a happier, more beautiful and loving place. Your workshops has revealed the sacred, and this is what I praise....”

Chris, Norway

“The greatest gifts I received from working with Norberto and Rini in the ayahuasca three days workshop in Holland, are that I feel I have learned to share, to trust, to ask and to dare.

I had worked with ayahuasca in Peru and it had been a great experience. I had seen and understood a lot of things, but mostly it was just me lying on a couch and see things as that were projected on a screen, and let the shamans do their job on me.

With Norberto in Holland I have brought my body, my energy and my will into the job. It hasn't been just seeing, but doing. Creating the day I was living. I truly experienced that my emotions affect my life, and the scene changes due to 'how I feel and what I choose to' do or not do. And the best thing I have to do is enjoy life, do my best and let it be.”

Fulvia, Italy

“My two-day session with Norberto provided me with emotions and experiences connected to the Feminine, on a personal and universal level. At the beginning of day one I felt the sadness and suffering endured by women, accompanied by the vision of hundreds of women's faces of all races and ages, all giving me their feelings. I called this the 'Agony', as I have never before had such overwhelming feelings of sadness, mourning and resignation. Later in the day I was told I was done with weeping, as it was now my turn to rejoice.  I began to experience a deep contentment which turned into happiness. This happiness and joy continued into the second day, my 'Ecstasy'.  This happiness and contentment has lasted since June, and now heading into October I am more relaxed and cheerful than I've ever been.

I felt it was a real privilege to participate in Norberto's workshop. I felt supported and among friends even though I had never met most of the other participants. Norberto and Rini provided an atmosphere which felt safe and secure so that I could 'let go' in the belief that I would be taken care of should anything go wrong, and of course it didn't. The music was just beautiful and really contributed to the experience. The days ended with good food and conversation, and the opportunity for us all to share experiences, if we wished.”

Grainne, Ireland

“Your workshop is a very good combination of ancient and modern therapeutic approaches. This is the brave and intelligent step. The power of ayahuasca is indisputable; it deserves to be used more in the West.

It was interesting and rewarding experience in a safe, professional and harmonious ambience.”

Irina Karpova, therapist, Switzerland, www.irinagate.com

Hey Rini and Norberto, just wanted to say thanks beyond words... since my first Ayahuasca journey with you in Ireland last year, absolutely everything has changed – I feel really privileged to have found your workshops before attending anybody else's. They've always been the most powerful and tightly integrated. Hard to express the gratitude but I'm sure you understand!

Last weekend was a powerful landing to the first phase of my journey, the first 9 months which have seen me completely reborn, and so many heavy addictive patterns stamped out in the face of such powerful medicine – I'm left with 100% faith in my own strength, courage and determination, and knowledge of my path in life and my place in the Universe. Trusting the process more than ever.

I've had to honestly examine every aspect of my character, my past, and my assumptions about life and reality – and accept a lot of hard truths – but it's been the most painful and transformative time of my life so far. The next part of the journey starts now, preparing for Brazil, so I look forward to seeing you both there!

Wish you lots of strength and courage in continuing this work – it's massively appreciated. :)”

Joss, Ireland

“I was let into a world that is not mine. Both the Ayahuasca world and this world of people I don't know. I said my goodbyes and when I got outside to my bike, I don't know why, but tears streamed down my cheek. Were these people close to me in another life perhaps? Is any of that true? Were they tears cause I didn't quite meet them again in this life? Were they because my soul knows it will be a long time before I see any of them again?

Or was it simply because even with all those horrific sound effects of puke into buckets and men's moaning and screaming with fear, that that was one of the most magical nights in my life and no time or space can ever bring it back? It was one night only, and I will always look back on it with such fondness. My motley Ayahuasca family. I did it. I finally did it. And up till now, it filled me not with a single demon but with an abundance of love. Thank you.”
Kelli, California, US

"Dear Rini and Norberto, thank you so much for this weekend! When I got home it felt as if I had been gone for a month or something. I have learned so much, it was totally amazing and mind blasting!

Most important I learned to let go and let be. Mother Aya helped me to open my heart and see what is there. Also what I was thinking of, I got an deeper understanding of. During the ceremony she was constantly testing me to see if I could let go. She was asking: ‘How much can you let go? Can you let go of everything?’ When I finally surrendered completely, I was filled with so much joy!  I bubbled over with laughter. Even when I vomited I could see the humor in it. It didn't matter cause it was just my body being sick, not Me.

During the ceremonies I felt safe, surrounded by friendly and loving people. When I woke up this morning it was with love in my heart. I also find it is easier to speak and to formulate myself after cleansing my throat-chakra. I feel free to be me, in all my craziness.”

Kristi, Norway

“I have drunk Ayahuasca in the Amazon forest, and lately I've had the opportunity to discover the ways these ancestral South American medicine is used in the old continent. My experience with Rini's and Norberto's team in June 2011 was curative and instructive; all along the ceremony they took care of me and offered assistance and guidance. At the same time, the workshop gives you enough freedom to find your place and the particular form you are integrated in the ceremony. You must not follow a strict preconceived ritual, while the sacred nature of the brew is not lost. Considering all the effort it bringing Ayahuasca to Europe, you pay the just fare to be part of the workshop. My only complaint: they invited me too many times to drink another dose of Ayahuasca..;-)"

Leonardo Rodriguez, PhD student, Colombia

“Some of my dearest memories are memories from the workshop weekend with Norberto, Rini and everyone else. Not the kind of memories to look back at as something pretty that is in the past, but the kind that helps me bring that loving energy and all the lessons into my everyday life every time I think of it. And I still think of it a lot. I can't say how grateful I am to have been able to experience this weekend.”

Maaike, the Netherlands

“Your workshops have helped me see the true nature of my anxieties, my deepest worries and darkest thoughts; but even more important they have helped me realize how to work with them. Mother ayahuasca shows me over and over again how to be in my body, how to love my body, how to love all experience and how to love all life. I could not be more grateful (and sometimes more mortified..) for the changes it has brought to my life. I am forever thankful for being given the chance to be part of such a powerful shared heart space, and I can highly recommend anyone interested in this medicine to participate in one of Rini and Norberto's workshops.”

Marileen, the Netherlands

“I think that I can say it was the most wonderful experience of my life .... I guess going in I was really just mainly expecting an opportunity to try this 'drug', but what was provided was really so much more than that - the loving+open group environment, all the beautiful music, and everything else all together worked together with the plant medicine to really make the experience what it was for me - a healing experience in which I think I kind of had my head taken off and screwed back on a little bit more in the right direction, and in which I was able to see/feel better + re-assess all of what is important in life + my life, and to connect with many feelings in new ways, and from which I left with a little more peace+love in my heart+mind+body.

I'm very grateful to all the people involved, from Rini for organising, to Norberto for leading the ceremonies, to all the helpers, to the musicians, and to the cooks for the wonderful food. I think that what you're all doing with this church in Holland (+ Brazil) is a really wonderful+valuable thing. am so blessed that I was one of the lucky people to participate on your wonderful ayahuasca-workshop.”

Michael, Estonia

“On my spiritual path of self-development I have done many workshops, retreats and courses but this one was definitely the most excellent and efficient one. The nice thing about it that it takes no hard work at all, only the courage to drink this amazing plant and she does all the work for you. As this was my second ayahuasca experience I realise how important the setting, preparation, infrastructure and expertise from the organisation. As it is so powerful it should be used with utmost consideration and pure intention to have its right effect.

Words can never describe what an incredible, amazing experience I have had while getting so many valuable insights during and after the workshop.

The process is continuing even when I get home, do my work, go to shop. I am conscious of everything am doing, of every step I take. I feel awake and alive. Many thanks for this Work and congratulations to the whole team for the excellent service and support.

Micheline, Belgium

"Some little time ago, Norberto and Rini leaded a ceremony (workshop) with ayahuasca and since them, I consider them to be my benefactors. Under their surveillance, mother ayahuasca showed me, as if I was a small child, taking me from the hand and pointing out the important things. The things that I had to notice and have failed to do so until that moment.

I feel that I entered the University of Life. Since then I have more power, I am mentally and physically stronger and more determined to aim high, to high ideals.

I have made a choice! I understood what we, human beings need: Health in the body, Love in the heart, Peace in the spirit. I know now that we can heal the world..”

Niki George, Greece

“When I drank from the plant for the first time, my intention was to work on my addiction and my excessive consumption of cannabis and also on my relationship problems with others.

Since this experience I have greatly reduced my consumption of cannabis, I live my life better every day I feel happier even if it is not always easy. I had to content myself with simple things and therefore enjoy all the little pleasure that life brings us each day. My life has really changed and I now know what is the path to be happy.”

Olivier, Belgium

I am truly grateful for participating the 3-day workshop, it finally made me connect with mother earth and the connection is so strong that I feel grounded like never before! And I feel blessed by this beautifully experience and there is also a new peace in my heart that I really needed.

Ralph, the Netherlands

"Both my workshops with Rini and Norberto were nothing short of life changing! You are both such great „gatekeepers“ to the world of mother Ayahuasca, managing to leave enough space for each individual‘s experience, but also being so supportive and aware whenever needed.

Your great experience, humility and your deep belief in the purpose of healing with this divine medicine is a true joy to witness.

During the entire time I felt incredibly well taken care of, loved and respected. Not only are both very responsible people but also have such vast experience with the medicine that, one couldn't be safer. Moments when resistance has to be overcome can be hard, but in an environment so caring it‘s almost easy.

The set up, the space and also the food was lovely and everyone involved paid great attention to detail and managed to care for each and every individual.

The weekends have sometimes also emphasized the word ‘work’ in ‘Workshop’ but to be able to grow and let go in an environment like that was a true blessing. I feel very fortunate to have been part of a group of such wonderful people and am very much looking forward to many more transformative adventures with them! VIVA!"

Susanna, Germany

Dear Rini (and Norberto), I am thanking you for a brilliantly designed workshop. The wellness retreat was an oasis for everybody. This workshop offered the beginner, the advanced and the expert room to learn and to cleanse.  

The first two,days were filled for me with releasing of old patterns they don't serve me any longer. The medicine was very strong and grounding, I tried hard to sit up straight and the force of gravity was pulling me down to lay straight on my back. I was able to keep the medicine in my body longer by laying down vs sitting up. It felt uncomfortable trying to sit up straight and i throw up on day one and on day two...

I felt on day one and two that I had learnings and no deep connection to Mother Earth (ayahuasca).  It felt somehow strange and i could not put my fingers on it, while I still had big moments of learning to show my volubility  and to realize how much I would like to help, while the impact of helping others has had a big impact on me.... I felt that sometimes people suck out all my energy or cling on me...

Day3: The purity of the medicine was taking me, fully taking me. I immediately felt very very different to the first two days and was able to sit up straight. I had wonderful visions and pictures and the feeling was very different. I felt I am ayahuasca and on day one and two I felt that I am in self therapy. I can't explain it better. The energy on the third day was inclusive and the first two days felt distance....

I looked around and was watching you how careful you were watching and monitoring everybody, the energy was very different and only a few people had to throw up compare to the first two days. There was this wonderful calm energy.... I did not through up that day, nor did i through up on the my first two ceremonies I did in LA and in Bali.

The thought came to my mind that you were the master mind to this workshop and that you and Norberto are brothers.  I saw the tremendous goodness of Norberto, all the love and healing he has given. I also saw a man who is being impacted by all the healing he has given to others.  Norberto was also  carefully watching over everybody and I had the intense feeling to send healing to him.  I had a wonderful connection with Norberto where I saw myself working with him and being a healer as well.  More and more I saw the brilliance of the workshop, designed to cleanse first and then to heal.  Even more impressive i saw Anoep holding a strong space that no evil spirits could enter the space, he looked like a warrior protecting his family........ And I am extremely impressed with all the detail you organized....

I saw the first time that pain Is necessary to learn new patterns.... ayahuasca told me that I had to live through a lot of pain to learn about pain, that I can heal pain.... I still hear Norberto saying that I now belong to the family and I only could answer yes, I know.... I was told that I am Mother Earth and I can help/heal and I feel very humble to write this..... this is all very new for me... I feel like a new born, who is starting to crawl....certainly can't walk or run yet...... and I am humble, humble and it feels strange to write this.... I have the feeling though that you will understand..

The last two days, I still feel Mother Earth in me.... I dream every night and had every night a ceremony in my dream....

I was very released going to work and having the feeling that I work with kind hearted people...

Claudia, Germany

”If you are reading this then you can consider yourself lucky. Very lucky in fact. Why? Because not only has Mother Ayahuasca called upon you to heal your self of your pain and suffering, but you have also stumbled upon what I consider the two best people to help you carry out your healing process with.


Let me explain.


Firstly, you have probably had enough of carrying your pain and suffering, of being blocked and of your life not moving in the right direction. So here you are seeking help, a way to move out of what is holding you back so as to experience a more fulfilling life filled with confidence, health, happiness and abundance. Well the good news is that you have now reached the right place and it is now only a matter of time before you find the healing you are seeking and for a new you and a new life to emerge.


Secondly, you could not have found two better people to embark with on your journey of self-discovery and self-healing. Norberto is the most loving, kind-hearted and trustworthy facilitator you could hope for. I know my limited experience only extends to four facilitators, but I can safely say that he exceeds the other three by a long, long way in the personal care and attention he gives to every single participant who attends one of his workshops. And as if that was not enough, he is seconded by his close friend Rini, who also shares his attention to detail, in both the organisation ahead of the workshops, as well as the smooth running of these said workshops. The two make up a winning team, along with their choice of efficient assistants, who create a comfortable space where all the conditions are just perfect for you to work with the medicine Ayahuasca and succeed in healing your self and starting a new life filled with all the strength, confidence and happiness you ever wished for and never imagined could be possible.


In other words, you have arrived home and your life will always be measured between the time before you discovered Ayahuasca with Norberto and Rini and the time thereafter. For that is certainly my experience since I stumbled upon www.ayahuasca.nl in June 2011 after years of depression and today.


The choice is entirely yours but when I compare who and where I was before meeting them and where I am today, I can only say come and join the circle of love and healing they have created and continue to create. You will not be disappointed and I can promise you that! So come and give your self that present…

James Geater, Belgium, November 2012 

And below some other quotes of people who drank ayahuasca:

“That first time I realized this wasn’t a drug, but a medicine. I felt this was really good for me, good for my body. That’s also the big difference with regular recreational drugs, most of the time you pay a price afterwards. With ayahuasca this is different. You can have a hard night, but afterwards you feel very well."
Arno Adelaars

"Every tree, every plant, has a spirit. People may say that a plant has no mind. I tell them that a plant is alive and conscious. A plant may not talk, but there is a spirit in it that is conscious, that sees everything, which is the soul of the plant, its essence, what makes it alive. I feel a great sorrow when trees are burned, when the forest is destroyed. I feel sorrow because I know that human beings are doing something very wrong. When one takes ayahuasca one can sometimes hear how the trees cry when they are going to be cut down. They know beforehand, and they cry."

Pablo Amaringo

"I experiment with things that are usually an internal experience, because that's just what excites me. And yes, it does sometimes give me visions. But my intention when I am doing it is very different than recreational.
I don't do it recreationally. I do it to go do inner work, and I'm very clear before I do it what I'm searching for. That way, there's no abuse suffered and I don't rely on it. It's just one more tool that I use sometimes."

Tori Amos

"Ayahuasca was a pivotal point in my life. Drinking it and taking part in Daime ceremonies woke up my conscious mind and connected me with my soul on a deeper level. My life started to transform. I stopped drinking alcohol, started eating much healthier and I aligned with my life purpose and started living that purpose. Ayahuasca is a healer and a teacher and it whispered in my ear that I was also that! Then it kicked me up the ass!"

Matthew Armstrong

"Ayahuasca is a natural and age old known amplifier of human conscious-ness, which exposes everything that is created in this universe. The well-prepared traveller can give it an experience that is comparable with the stories told by all the mystery schools. This means that all aspects of consciousness can be entered, including religious experiences, shadow sides and trauma work, past incarnations, birth experiences as well as past death experiences.”

Hans Bogers

“Through the eyes of an ayahuasca drinker, life can get the character of a permanent initiation, a trial where you can mark every time as a new beginning. The sessions are not only an exercise in true life, but also like an existential event to keep you on track with your own life.” 

Govert Derix

“The native in the forest is in wonder, he IS nature. They drink the vine of the souls and travel dimensions without end. There is light! We, modern people are not in wonder. More in worry, or in a hurry, too late.”

Norberto Jurasek

“The central proposition that shamans make, is that nature is intelligent. Plants and animals are intelligent, and we can communicate with them. Ayahuasca is their number one tool for having this communication. Ayahuasca is considered to be a major plant teacher, an intelligent being, and a source of intelligence, among other things about the intelligence in nature.”
Jeremy Narby

“My hands were numb
My feet were lead
I drank a cup of herbal brew
Then the sweetness in the air
Combined with the lightness in my head
And I heard the jungle breathing in the bamboo

Excuse me, one moment
I remind you

That tomorrow

It will be all or it will be nothing

It depends, heart

It will be brief or it will be great

It depends on the passion

It will be dirty, it will be a dream

Be careful, heart

It will be useful, it will be late

Do your best, heart

And have trust

In the power of tomorrow”

Paul Simon - Spirit Voices (2004)

“I may be out of my gourd, but I seem to be perceiving the world on a molecular level, where the normal barriers that separate "me" from everything else have been removed, as if every leaf, every blade of grass, every nodding flower is reaching out, every insect calling to me, every star in the clear sky sending a direct beam of light to the top of my head. This sensation of connectedness is overwhelming. It's like floating in a buoyant limitless ocean of feeling that I can't really begin to describe unless I evoke the word love.”


June 2019 spiritual retreat in Brazil.

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