We present you with an intense 5-day iboga retreat in Brasil.

This iboga retreat will be guided by e.g., Andrea and Dominique, who are very experienced with several shamanic traditions, both are also initiated in the Bwiti tradition (an iboga religion) in Gabon. Besides this, Andrea received a special Bwiti initiation that gave her the (spiritual) permission, guidance and protection to serve 'the wood' (iboga).

The place where we’ll stay is a beautiful and comfortable place with sauna, swimming pool and a nearby waterfall.

Program (still subject to minor changes)

Sunday, August 19: Arrival in the evening

Monday, August 20:
Morning: Registration
Afternoon: Film about the Bwiti
Evening: 1st ceremony

Tuesday 21: Evening & night: 2nd ceremony (ceremony of the death)

Wednesday 22:

Daytime: Taking care of yourself, still under the influence of the wood

Evening & night: 3th ceremony (ceremony of the rebirth)

Thursday 23: Afternoon: Day After I

Friday 24:
Morning: Day After II
Afternoon: Departure

     Bwiti ceremony in Europe, 2007

This transformational and intensive 5-day retreat includes foods, drinks, lodging,  transport from Lumiar to the venue and back.
Exclusive ticket (closest airport Rio de Janeiro - GIG) and excl. transport from Rio de Janeiro to Lumiar.

Contribution: € 700,-

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5-day iboga retreat in Brasil

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5 day iboga retreat in Brasil.
August 20 -
August 24, 2012

Near Lumiar, Nova Friburgo,
Rio de Janeiro state, Brasil.