June 1 (arrival day) - June 11, 2021 (departure day)

postponed because of Covid-19

A 9-day intensive adventurous journey at the Atlantic Rain Forest from Rio de Janeiro state nature. A meeting with your natural, flowing, pure state of being. Exploring and letting go of old patterns that may hinder the fulfillment of your potential.

What to expect

Learning to honor yourselves, your histories and pains, creating a space inside where you can trust life and your own natural flow.

Living in the simplicity of being yourself and from there experience deep connections with friends, heart to heart.

Knowing the rhythm of your heart, the dance between aloneness and togetherness.

Recognize and set your borders.


The retreat takes place in a remote valley site called São Bento in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is an energetically strong place in Nature with large chunks of pristine rainforest and many pure water springs and waterfalls. The place, very unexplored is (besides some solar lamps) still without electricity.

During the retreat we will have six ayahuasca workshop ceremonies with therapeutic bodywork, singing and dancing and two silent walks with ayahuasca.

These silent walks, to the top of the mountains, are long and steep, therefore some fitness is needed. It is possible however for individuals to skip the walks and enjoy other more accessible parts of the land if you so will.

In between the ceremonies you have time to rest, enjoy Nature and receive your massage (two massages included).

The food will be healthy, organic food mostly fresh and planted near by.


The ceremonies will take place in a beautiful wooden Temple.

For the nights we will have several wooden huts and a natural mud house and if you want you can bring your own tent. Each hut has a bath with shower and a flush toilet.

Travel info and compact schedule

June 1: Arrival day and pick up from Casimiro de Abreu at 14.00h (or from Rio de Janeiro at 10.30h)

The pick up service from/to Sana to São Bento is included. The road to the retreat place doesn’t yet go all the way, so we need to walk the last part around 30 minutes uphill to get there.

For those who want there can be optional transport arranged from Rio de Janeiro to Sana / entrance of Sao Bento. This transport will leave at 10.30h from Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro city.

June 11: Departure day and drop of at Sana at 12.00h

For those who want there can be optional transport arranged from Sana to Rio de Janeiro. This transport will leave at 12.30h from Sana. Arrival time in Rio de Janeiro will be at latest around 16.00h.


For vaccines please check your local travel health care or


São Bento (in Rio de Janeiro state) is normally not a malaria area but we can’t guarantee. Taking a malaria profylaxe is recommended when you prefer to be on the safe side.

As São Bento is in the mountains, the typical Dengue mosquito that transmits Zika, normally don't live there.

For more information about Zika: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/alert/zika-virus-south-america

Optional stay

It is an option to stay a couple of days more on the land after the retreat to relax and integrate the process. The costs are R$ 100,- (Brazilian Reais) a day (based on self catering).

The costs for this transformational and intensive 9-day retreat include two massages and all ceremonies (minimum seven) are € 1.395,- (incl. foods, drinks, lodging and transport from and to Sana/entrance Sao Bento). So costs are exclude your travel costs to Sana, Brasil. These (optional) costs are R$ 150,- (Brazilian Reais), one way trip from, or to Rio de Janeiro. It is also possible to join a part of the shuttle, then costs are R$ 40,- from/to Casimiro de Abreu or R$ 20,- from/to Portal do Sana.


When your reservation is accepted we request a direct pre-payment of
€ 645,-. The second payment of € 750,-, you can pay on the first day of the retreat in Brazil.

fully booked

Ayahuasca 9-day retreat 2021, Brazil

9-day retreat:

June 1 - 11, 2021

Sao Bento,
Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil.

Stay tuned about news, rituals and special announcements.