This Autumn we have added a few very special spiritual works to our program. For these works, and for those who want to drink, experience with ayahuasca/Daime is required. If you think that there are valid circumstances that justifies an exception for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your motivation.*

DATES (all works are near Vianen, the Netherlands)

Friday, November 30 - Monday December 3: 4-day work with UmbanDaime

Sunday, December 9: UmbanDaime Gira

Monday, November 19 till Wednesday 21: 3-day work with UmbanDaime

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Transpersonal workshop cycles with Brazilian traditions, popular medicines, body and meditation practices, and artistic expressions.

As participant you are invited to experience rituals of passage, to connect with your personal studies and journeys, to illuminate aspects to be transmuted or redirected in your life.

During this process you will be guided by elements and tools of the ayahuasca spiritual universe (such as UmbanDaime, Santo Daime, Pajelancas, etc.), Shamanic (such as Power Animals, Healing Songs, etc.) and Afro-Brazilians (such as Umbanda, Candomblé, etc.).

Please be aware that these transpersonal workshop cycles with Brazilian traditions are facilitated by Tania & Carol from Brazil and are not with Norberto and me. I’ll be be there, but Norberto not.

Note: Please don’t feel intimidated by all the new words and concepts, they will explained all to you during the workshops.

Rini, Tânia & Carol


In this spiritual workshop you will have sensitive and dynamic experiences through musicality, body work and herbs use from the Brazilian popular magical universe, especially from the Umbanda terreiros.

For the Yoruba people, the word Axé represents energy, strength, power and ‘home of the Orixá’. Practicing the Axé, in this case, means at first, identify the energy and power manifested in everything, including ourselves. And then learn how to nourish and move the free flow of that energy, inside and outside. To thus be possible, then, create a settlement of its dimension in daily life.

The idea here is to work with perception through your bodies instincts, in less rational and more instinctive approaches, so that you will be able to recognize and release the Axé in your own life.


Start: Tuesday, December 11 at 18.00h

End: Thursday, December 13 at 21.00h (departure next morning)

Place: near Vianen

Dress code: As White as possible

All ceremonies are with the Daime tea.

Who: People who have already experience with Daime and/or ayahuasca and are at least 18 years old.*

Costs 3-day intensive spiritual workshop on the ‘Axe practices’: € 455,-, this includes 3 ceremonies with Daime, diverse spiritual practices with Daime, 3 nights accommodation and delicious organic foods and drinks (breakfast, lunch and diner).


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In this intensive spiritual workshop you will experience different connections with yourself - your body, your memories, your experiences, etc.

Through different practices and dynamics that seek to stimulate and deepen your self-knowledge and self-development in the ways and processes of Generation, Creation, and Death (physical or symbolic).

Your process will be dedicated and performed under the Forces of Yemanjá and Omulu, which in Afro-Brazilian traditions are the deities of Generation, Creation and Death, represented by the Seas, Oceans, Cemeteries, etc.

The idea is to establish the connection, understanding, transformation and healing of your personal and spiritual processes in these fields, allowing your powers and purposes to be made aware, liberated, redirected, strengthened, and fully manifest.


Start: Friday, November 30 at 18.00h

End: Monday, December 3 at 21.00h (departure next morning)

Place: near Vianen

Dress code: As White as possible

All ceremonies are with the Daime tea.

Who: People who have already experience with Daime and/or ayahuasca and are at least 18 years old.*

Costs 4-day spiritual intensive with UmbanDaime: € 575,-, includes 3 or 4 ceremonies with Daime, diverse spiritual practices with Daime, 4 nights accommodation and delicious organic foods and drinks (breakfast, lunch and diner).

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Sunday, December 9:

dedicated to the Yabás

The Yabás in Afro-Brazilian  traditions are the Queen Mothers Orixás that represent faces of the Feminine Force. It is common, through religious syncretism and in most of terreiros, that the month of December is dedicated to the festivities of three of these Great Yabas, Yemanjá, Oxum and Yansã. So we will dedicate our Gira of this year to all the Yabás, offering them our meeting, accessing your forces and drinking from their cures, blessings and Axé.

Start 12.00h until 21.00h

Place: near Vianen

Costs Gira: € 80,-

(members € 60,-)

*Also good to know that in most spiritual ayahuasca traditions drinking the tea is required when you participate. This is not the case in the UmbanDaime. Although it is an inseparable part of the tradition and our ceremonies, if you like to participate without drinking, this is possible. In this case experience with ayahuasca/Daime is not required.


Spiritual works with UmbanDaime 2018

Some experiences: spiritual workshops with Tania & Carol 2017

Spiritual works with UmbanDaime 2018:

Nov. 30 - Dec. 3:
4-day workshop

‘On the Line of Creation & Generation’

Dec. 9:
Gira de Yabás

Dec. 11 - 13:
3-day spiritual workshop
‘Axé practices’

Serena, Ireland

Thank you for a wonderful workshop, it was fantastic to experience Mother Aya in another way.

I found the work to be very nurturing, gentle, loving, joyful, creative, fun and made a very strong connection with the group which I have not experienced with other works with the Aya.

I felt truly at home with the magnificent energy you channeled into the circle, the music, dancing and singing it was all so complete and whole.

Stay tuned about news, rituals and special announcements.

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Britta, Germany

Since I am back, I feel very protected and in a natural way I feel connected and at ease with my environment.

BTW, it was my first workshop with Ayahuasca in which I had only blissful experiences of love and unity. Normally it is kind of hellish with all the upcoming traumas for me. But it is also nice and important to have also a different experience now.

I can really say that this work is life changing and I really want to be part of it again.

Sofie, Norway

I was struck by the feeling of goodness and love that beamed out of Tania, Carol and Mariana. I appreciated their approach of teaching; it gave the whole experience a depth and a bit of an understanding and respect for the works as well as for its history.

The drumming, the singing and the dancing that surrounded the workshop, together with the flexibility, the spontaneity and playfulness really added a sense of security and familiarity to me.

This workshop has changed my life.

I truly feel that I got the chance to die and to be reborn; to clean out a lot of negative energy that has trapped me and to gain insights that will help me to live my life in a new and better way.

I have gained more self love, self respect and an understanding of life’s eternal circle that will become the steady ground to dock my ship to.

I have so much to learn, and my vision of life has shifted in a very interesting direction.